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Hurricane Preparation for Your SW Florida Home: Before, During, and After

When a hurricane is expected to hit, being a prepared homeowner is very important. We're here to help guide you through some simple, yet essential, steps to help you protect yourself and your home.

BEFORE a Hurricane: Take Steps to Secure Your Home

1. Clear Up Your Yard: Remove all loose items from your yard that could become dangerous projectiles. Items like patio furniture, grills, toys, yard decor, and anything else that is not permanently fastened.

2. Trim Trees and Bushes: Trim back tree branches that could turn into flying objects. Also, be sure to prune bushes to prevent them from becoming a sail-like wind catcher.

3. Inspect and Repair Your Roof: Thoroughly examine your roof for any loose, or damaged shingles, tiles, flashing, and vents. Make as many necessary repairs that you can prior to landfall to help prevent further damage during the storm.

4. Reinforce Windows and Doors: If you have storm shutters, proceed to close and secure them. If you do not have storm shutters, consider boarding up windows and doors with plywood to prevent shattering and receiving direct wind into your home.

5. Check Gutters and Drains: Clear all gutters and drains to ensure that they have proper water flow. This helps to prevent flooding and water damage.

DURING a Hurricane: Stay Safe by Staying Inside

1. Stay Indoors: Stay indoors once the hurricane arrives. If possible, avoid going outside as the storm is happening as flying debris and strong winds pose serious risks to your personal safety.

2. Stay Away from Windows: Keep a safe distance from windows and glass doors to avoid getting hurt by shattered glass. Go to a safe area inside of your home which is located in the middle of your home, like an interior room, closet or downstairs closet.

3. Monitor Leaks: If you notice leaks during the storm, try to contain the water using buckets or containers. Try to avoid risking your safety by making repairs as the storm is happening.

4. Listen for Updates: Stay informed by listening to local news, a weather radio, or any other means necessary to receive updated info.

AFTER a Hurricane: Take a Breath, Assess and Recover

1. Wait for an “All-Clear” Official Statement: Wait for official announcements that it's safe to leave your home. Hazards might still be present even after the storm passes.

2. Be Cautious Outside: Be cautious stepping outside. Watch out for downed power lines, gas lines that may have been damaged, sitting debris, and standing water that could hide dangers

3. Check for Damage: Examine your home's exterior for damage. Look for roof leaks or damage (missing or lifted shingles, cracks, or leaks), broken windows, and other issues.

4. Temporary Repairs: If you find any minor damage, consider temporary repairs like covering exposed areas with tarps to prevent further water infiltration. And, help protect your property from vandalism, and additional weather damage, by boarding up damaged windows and doors.

Wait to make any permanent repairs until your insurance company has assessed your home.

5. Keep Accurate Records of Damages: Document the damage with accurate records (photos, expenses, receipts, etc.) and keep as much detailed information for insurance purposes.

6. Start Cleaning Up: Begin cleaning up debris, but put safety first. Wear protective gear and avoid climbing on roofs or using unfamiliar tools.

Remember, You are Not Alone

Please remember that you are not alone. We too are fellow residents of our community, and we will get through this together. Please contact us today if we can help answer any questions, provide any additional information, or help with any roofing concerns.

Stay safe and we’ll see you on the other side!


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