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Pro Roofing offers extensive repair services for your residential or commercial property. Whether if's a simple fix or major repair, Pro Roofing Services is here to help.


Is the repair covered under a warranty?

Yes, we offer a workmanship warranty for up to 12 months.

I may get a new roof soon, should I hold off on the repair?

No, delaying repairs can add to the future cost of replacement. Also, Pro Roofing Services will credit a portion of your repair cost to a new roof if the replacement is done within 12 months from the time of repair.

I am extremely pleased with Pro Roofing. My grandparents sustained roof damage from a hurricane. I contacted Pro Roofing after seeing what a lovely job they did on another house several doors down. I spoke with Eric who was extremely helpful and professional. He arranged to repair my grandparents roof in a timely and professional manner even during an extremely busy time after a hurricane in which roofers throughout the state were super busy. I highly recommend Pro Roofing and will be sure to contact them for any of my family or friend’s roofing needs in the future.


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